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About chminaca-mab(ADB-CHMINACA)

ADB-CHMINACA (MAB-CHMINACA) is a new synthetic cannabinoid with high potency.Analytical methods need to be developed to confirm ADB-CHMINACA intake for clinical and forensic programs.

For many synthetic cannabinoids, parent compound is not detectable in biological samples after intake. Thus, this makes the detection of metabolites the only way to prove consumption. Therefore, detection of its metabolites in biological specimens is critical. Since there are currently no published data on its metabolism,

Pharmacology chminaca-mab(ADB-CHMINACA)

The most likely route of administration for ADB-CHMINACA is inhalation via smoking. Here, the chemical is sprayed on plant material then vaped after
formulation in liquid.

Dosage required for pharmacological effects in humans is unknown. Little is known about its absorption, distribution, elimination or time course. Investigation of the pharmacokinetics of ADB-CHMINACA has focused on delineation of its metabolism.

There is emphasis on identifying unique metabolites that may be used for forensic purposes. Ten metabolites of
chminaca-mab have been identified in human hepatocytes, with verification of the major metabolites in authentic human urine.. It undergoes extensive biotransformation that is focused on hydroxylation of its cyclohexylmethyl tail.

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